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The winners are going to be the wealthier, mostly northern countries; the losers are going to be the poorer, southern nations, as well as the island nations and archipelagos that will eventually be swamped. Russia, Canada, and Greenland are not only unafraid of climate change, they welcome it.

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They are among those that will profit from longer growing seasons, greater land areas to explore for minerals and oil, and easier passage through the Arctic. The Dutch have become experts at fighting the onslaught of the sea, and will happily share their expertise with you.

Windfall: The Booming Business of Global Warming

But that water has to go somewhere, be it Staten Island or Brooklyn. Therein lies the rub of the book. There will be winners and losers, if only judged by who can afford to protect themselves from the ravages of the climate of the future. It is instead about the financial reverberations that are already in evidence. There are macro opportunities galore, the likes of which many readers of this book will begin thinking about in earnest after reading it.

Booming Business of Global Warming

Others will rail against the concept, blame sunspots for climate change, falsely claim the globe is cooling, and offer up other flat-earth arguments. Thank goodness they exist — someone has to be on the losing side of the trade, and it might as well be the flat earthers. Or give this review a day or two to circulate; the climate trolls are likely to weigh in. To the rest of you, I recommend this fascinating and entertaining read.

You might even find an investment idea or two.

Twitter Facebook Youtube Pinterest. Recent Posts A circus performer changed careers after learning about climate change Water filters help families in rural Guatemala cut climate pollution Many nuclear plants are shutting down. Will fossil fuels replace them?

Windfall: The Booming Business of Global Warming | Walmart Canada

Nine states and D. Filed under: Lisa Palmer , shipping email. Posted on Sep 20, For Dutch architects designing floating cities and American scientists patenting hurricane defenses, the race is on. For low-lying countries like Bangladesh, the coming deluge presents an existential threat. Funk visits the front lines of the melt, the drought, and the deluge to make a human accounting of the booming business of global warming.

Sorry, this book is not available.

By letting climate change continue unchecked, we are choosing to adapt to a warming world. Containing the resulting surge will be big business; some will benefit, but much of the planet will suffer. McKenzie Funk has investigated both sides, and what he has found will shock us all. Funk leads us away from the rarefied air of Al Gore and his lethal PowerPoint slides, to mingle with the militiamen, inventors, politicians and activists trying to find their way through an era of turmoil.

He reports far and wide, on the oil-rich far north, where nations jostle as the ice retreats; blaze-prone California and its burgeoning band of firebreak specialists; water-rich South Sudan, where large tracts of foreign-owned farmland could become a gold mine as other regions dry up; and beyond. This fabulous book is neither.

Author McKenzie Funk discusses business of climate change

Journalist McKenzie Funk travels the globe, mingling with the characters who are cashing in or preparing to on global warming: Wall Street land and water speculators, Greenland secessionists, Israeli snowmakers, Dutch seawall developers, geoengineering patent trolls, private firefighters, mosquito-abating scientists, Big Oil scenario planners, and African officials overseeing the first phase of a quixotic 4,mile-long foliage barrier against the encroaching Sahara. McKenzie Funk takes a contrarian approach, reporting on the people—and, in the case of Greenland and Canada, countries—that are poised to profit handsomely from the coming chaos.

Blue and Green Tomorrow

Far from vilifying these opportunists, he attempts to see the warming world through their eyes. Much of these new frontiers of money-making derive from calculated bets on continued failure and warming, not on corrective measures.

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  7. Definitely a conversation starter. Here is a brilliant young stylist at work, pushing the boundaries of investigative journalism and literary non-fiction.