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  4. The Notorious "Bull" Nelson: Murdered Civil War General
  5. Preview: David A. Clark, “The Notorious ‘Bull’ Nelson”

Marlitta H. Andrews Jr. Mustered in: December Mustered out: July 14, Wisconsin's Response to the Civil War.

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They wanted to make the war "messier. Congress, as governor of Ohio and as 25th U. This collection consists of papers from the Nelson family of Clarke County, Virginia.

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All Civil War battles in Kentucky. After graduating from the Naval Academy in , he attained the rank of lieutenant. The following is a listing of Michigan Historical Collections manuscript collections that include materials from the era of the Civil War but do not document war-related activities in an obvious way.

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  3. The Notorious "Bull" Nelson: Murdered Civil War General.
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  5. He was promoted master in , lieutenant in , and in The Political Martyr. Army, was born near Maysville, Ky. Vital Records for Family Researching in Kentucky. Frederick Phisterer. The Civil War was the first war in American history in which a substantial proportion of the adult male population participated. As a Kentuckian, Nelson could sympathize with the Confederates but threw in his lot with the North. The papers consist of correspondence among the family members, particularly between Hugh and Adelaide Nelson of Long Branch Plantation in Millwood and their daughter Nannie, as well as the Civil War letters between prisoner of war G.

    Lee's chief of artillery for most of the conflict. William Nelson Pendleton. For over 35 years, the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College has hosted an annual summer conference bringing leading historians and public audiences together for battlefield tours, small group discussions, lectures, and roundtable conversations about the Civil War era. Have a copy of William's civil war pension application.

    B Stuart. William J. Military; Civilian; View All; Browse by.

    Murder of Bull Nelson: Interview with Author Donald A. Clark

    William A. As collected and edited by Robert Manson Myers in The Children of Pride: A True Story of Georgia and the Civil War , the Jones family documents constitute the most remarkable epistolary record yet discovered of a southern family in the years immediately before, during, and after the Civil War. Lucius Walker was killed in a duel with Gen. Adams, Ephraim, William Nelson, Revolutionary War Soldier I now have six month's access to Fold3 military records and today I was researching my husband's third great-grandfather.

    Nelson initially was buried at Camp Dick Robinson, but his remains eventually were reinterred in Maysville. Wayland, Blacklock, aR Laura E.

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    William Nelson Pendleton began his military career after graduating fifth in his class from the United States Military Academy in Civil War Collection. Civil War Union Major General. Major topics are antebellum plantation life at Norwood in Nelson County, Va. He gained fame for his role as a Union general during the American Civil War. After being assembled in , they were used to facilitate post-war claims cases filed by Southern citizens. New York. The May 30 series of dedication events marked one of the final projects of the Civil War Sesquicentennial th anniversary and provided KHS with another opportunity to partner with multiple local history organizations.

    William Nelson, Dean at Howard, Dies. Despite having no formal military training, Forrest rose from the rank of private to lieutenant general The papers reproduced in this publication were created or received by the Confederate War and Treasury departments. The following is taken from New York in the War of the Rebellion, 3rd ed. He entered the United States navy as midshipman, Jan. They are in the order in which they occurred during the Civil War.

    Army officer. By Jean R.

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    This archive serves as a valuable resource for those wishing to develop a more in depth understanding of the important events of the Civil War. He gave his age at enlistment as Nelson did not die on the field of battle, but instead was shot and killed on September 29, , by the unfortunately named Union general Jefferson C. Scope and Content.

    He decided at this time to enter the Episcopal ministry, and was ordained in William Starke Rosecrans September 6, — March 11, was an American inventor, coal-oil company executive, diplomat, politician, and U. In addition to battles fought, injuries and POW info, each Civil War bio typically has genealogy data such as birthplace and birthdate, parents, spouse, children and occupation.

    Perkins Marlitta H. Many more in our holdings have not been identified.

    The Notorious "Bull" Nelson: Murdered Civil War General

    Jefferson C. Introduction Scope of the List. Alice Fahs. William H. Consists primarily of photocopies of Civil War letters This record contains unverified, old data from caption card. Just after the outbreak of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln authorized him to arm Kentucky loyalists with 5, muskets. Ashbury, Joseph Myers, William C. Charles Adams account books, William Nelson Pendleton and the seminary students "because they spoke a powerful language".

    Nelson communicated directly with prominent officials, including Abraham Lincoln, and raised and trained Unionist forces in his home state. Though he was relatively famous for his wartime service and his murder at the hands of a fellow Union officer, Nelson's opposition to secession in Kentucky was likely his most important contribution to American history. Although it is clearly not author Donald A Clark's intent, the massive officer nicknamed "Bull" who emerges from the pages of this biography is a rather unlikable individual.

    Preview: David A. Clark, “The Notorious ‘Bull’ Nelson”

    One observer deemed Nelson "rough and high-tempered" even as a child, and Clark argues that harsh hazing in military school and the rugged lifestyle of a naval officer combined to form the domineering personality for which the general would become known in the Union army p.

    Though some contemporaries, including Lincoln, valued Nelson's merits as an officer above his personality defects, many soldiers and officers who served under Nelson considered him a tyrant who frequently meted out mindless punishment in the name of duty and who embarrassed men in front of their peers. Perhaps predictably, then, controversy followed the general. To cite just two examples, a delusional Nelson sought credit for saving Ulysses S. An unknown error has occurred.