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  1. The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior
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  3. The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior

I will check out all the other books I have not yet read. Have had all but the Handelman in my library since their publications and love that your list may expose others to their wisdom. Thank you. And I became a nicer person all around. We did. It and a behavioral vet helped us get through the first year of hell, the second through fifth years of excruciatingly slow progress, and the last three years of stability and joy.

Re Calming Signals — could these be what my animal behavior prof 40 years ago — eep! Looking forward to re-reading several of them, and reading a couple for the first time.

The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior

Thank you for the list! I think all the McConnell books belong on this list! I even bought 10 copies to give my friends. Wish it had been available when I was raising my children. My personal opinion is that the original edition is much better than the revised edition, if you can lay your hands on one. Ever been in a group of people workplace, social gathering, family event and one person starts holding forth loudly and somewhat aggressively?

And people wonder if maybe there will be a fight? They look down, pretend to work, find something in their bag to fiddle with? Are those people sending intentional signals or reflecting an internal state? If he wants to go towards the other dog, I know it wants to play. When any signal might be misinterpreted as a challenge because the other party is so wound up, the best choice is to avoid any intentional communication signals at all. I love all of them.

I had to do quite a lot of digging for this info. I did struggle with keeping the list short, but wanting to add more. To Beth: Your analogy is just perfect. If I could just fade into a blank space, I would. I personally find it harder to imagine a dog learning that avoidance is safer without some conscious knowledge of why that would be true.

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  4. New Knowledge of Dog Behavior!

Ah, this will keep scientists and philosophers busy for decades! See why I love behavior so much!!?? She said, scuffing her feet. They mean more to me than I have words to describe.

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Warwick pronounced Warrick Schiller is a horse trainer out of California who is very operant, and he recommended both of these books. Not my style, so I see a book wallow in my near-term future. Always appreciate an excuse to read more books. Already have The Other End of the Leash, of course. I re-read it regularly and always pick up something useful. I particularly appreciate your ability to simplify complicated concepts without glossing over the underlying complexity and uncertainty.

Keep up the good work! Red Dog vs. The boxer pup was less than 6 months old and quite confident. Red Dog was more gentle than usual so I let her play without a leash. Whenever I separated the two, the Boxer pup immediately ran back to Red Dog for more. Boxer pup and Sandy even played a bit. I always smile when Sandy is playing — she looks like she is having so much fun, and it is such a nice contrast with her usual slightly worried demeanor but less worried than when we got her a year ago. Progress, progress. I find illustrations or photos of behaviors very informative.

Patricia McConnell: "The Not So Secret Life Of Dogs" - Talks at Google

There were 2 books that rocked my world when it came to how I interacted with dogs. The first was the fantastic, The Other End of the Leash. I still am in awe of that book and how enlightening it was for me. Thank you, Trisha…and I am another one who used to watch your TV show! The other one became more controversial as time went on, I think, but it showed me a world I had never considered before and that was The Hidden Life of Dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas.

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  • Could you be a bit more specific about the training and behavioral trends you find appalling? I do have my own critique of some of the trainers and techniques that I personally encountered early in my time with Otis coming to the encounter as I did with plenty of experience with dogs and none at all with obedience trainers, I made some pretty serious mistakes by ignoring my experience and instincts-for which I blame myself almost entirely-but there is no doubt that not all professional trainers are equally adept or informed.

    I remember being appalled on the first meet-and-greet evening where we observed our trainer and assistants working with their own dogs. I observed dogs jumping up, barking, with no solid heel or recall on dogs raised from puppyhood and over a year old, grabby behaivors, etc. Speaking from my perspective today, I can say that this particular obedience club relied on a disorganized mix of luring, treat-shoveling, and physical punishment as training techniques while at the same time utterly failing to address the mental and emotional states of the dogs present or teaching owners to effectively communicate with their dogs.

    All the dogs did terribly, it was a terrible experience, and after four weeks, sensitive and well-behaved outside class Otis ended up having a complete meltdown. Patricia McConnell has been talking about this for a long time. Now the backlash is starting. The class was outdoors and there was a puppy class before ours. There were dropped and lost treats scattered everywhere in the grass, all the time. I agreed but secretly felt that was way too much distraction for a novice dog.

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    Jack who normally loves training and running was so shut-down he just wanted out. I should have trusted my gut. And yes, there are more wonderful books, of course. I need all the info I can find. Thank you, Susan S. I can tell you that people also got mad at me when I was on book tour for OEL. One was the interviewer himself.

    Except of course, for the dogs who really actually do love hugs… Always are exceptions,, which all rules have… Golden Retrievers being the prime candidate for this! When Ranger and I do a dog safety talk for kids I ask the kids to tell me if Ranger looks happy or not. With his happy open-mouth grin and sparkling eyes kids easily identify him as happy. I bring my other arm across his chest for a hug and his mouth closes and his eyes lose their sparkle.

    All the kids easily see that too. I got it after recusing a 2. What a smart girl she was with a wonderful temperament but a few issues I had no idea how to overcome. It worked, all of it, every tip, every process, every everything. After her passing we decided a puppy was in order, another golden.

    With no children in the house now and being semi retired I had plenty of time for training, exercise and play. Not so much. NOOK Book. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

    The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior

    Component Training for TDX. Successful competitive tracking requires the development of a large number of skills on the part Successful competitive tracking requires the development of a large number of skills on the part of both the dog and the handler. A dog comes equipped with fabulous scenting abilities but must learn to follow a track in many types View Product.

    Ian Dunbar, renowned dog trainer and behaviorist, explains how dogs think, how dogs learn, Ian Dunbar, renowned dog trainer and behaviorist, explains how dogs think, how dogs learn, and why they act the way they do. Dog owners who understand these issues can better train their dogs and develop a closer relationship with Dog Insights.