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  2. The Evolution of Emotional Communication
  3. Table of Contents: Evolution of emotional communication :
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Univ. Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Zimmermann

Why do we think that we can understand animal voices - such as the aggressive barking of a pet dog, and the longing meows of the family cat? Why do we think of deep voices as dominant and high voices as submissive. Are there universal principles governing our own communication system? Can we even see how close animals are related to us by constructing an evolutionary tree based on similarities and dissimilarities in acoustic signaling?

Research on the role of emotions in acoustic communication and its evolution has often been neglected, despite its obvious role in our daily life. When we infect others with our laugh, soothe a crying baby with a lullaby, or get goose bumps listening to classical music, we are barely aware of the complex processes upon which this behavior is based.

It is not facial expressions or body language that are affecting us, but sound.

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  3. From Sounds in Nonhuman Mammals to Speech and Music in Man.
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They are present in music and speech as "emotional prosody" and allow us to communicate not only verbally but also emotionally. This groundbreaking book presents a thorough exploration into how acoustically conveyed emotions are generated and processed in both animals and man. It is the first volume to bridge the gap between research in the acoustic communication of emotions in humans with those in animals, using a comparative approach. With the communication of emotions being an important research topic for a range of scientific fields, this book is valuable for those in the fields of animal behaviour, anthropology, evolutionary biology, human psychology, linguistics, musicology, and neurology.

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Industry Reviews "Readers will quickly be immersed into this highly transdisciplinary literature that includes neuroscientists and musicians with a few evolutionary biologists and animal communication experts thrown into the mix.

The Evolution of Emotional Communication

Part A: Introductory Section 1: M. Mortillaru, M.

Mehu and K. Scherer: The evolutionary origin of multimodal synchronisation and emotional expression 2: W. Fitch and K.

Table of Contents: Evolution of emotional communication :

Rauschecker: Brain networks for the encoding of emotions in communication sounds of human and nonhuman primates Part B: Different mammalian taxa 4: G. Scherer, K. Facial expression is driven by appraisal and generates appraisal inference. Russell Eds.

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Mehu, M. Sex differences in emotional communication. Weekes-Shackelford Eds. Mortillaro, M.

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Emotions: Methods of assessment. Wright Ed. London: Elsevier Ltd. Nesbitt, K.

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An evolutionary perspective on facial behaviour. Fricke; S. Ladewig; D. While the essays are "highly scientific" and evidence-based, this book is quite easy to read due to the editors' diligence. I can't add more to the description below, and, as with the other two books, I highly recommend it to people with interests in the many different areas that are covered in this landmark book. The social contexts in which children develop have transformed over recent decades, but also over millennia.

Modern parenting practices have diverged greatly from ancestral practices, which included natural childbirth, extensive and on-demand breastfeeding, constant touch, responsiveness to the needs of the child, free play in nature with multiple-aged playmates, and multiple adult caregivers. Only recently have scientists begun to document the outcomes for the presence or absence of such parenting practices, but early results indicate that psychological wellbeing is impacted by these factors.

Ancestral Landscapes in Human Evolution addresses how a shift in the way we parent can influence child outcomes. It examines evolved contexts for mammalian development, optimal and suboptimal contexts for human evolved needs, and the effects on children's development and human wellbeing. Bringing together an interdisciplinary set of renowned contributors, this volume examines how different parenting styles and cultural personality influence one another.

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  • Chapters discuss the nature of childrearing, social relationships, the range of personalities people exhibit, the social and moral skills expected of adults, and what 'wellbeing' looks like. As a solid knowledge base regarding normal development is considered integral to understanding psychopathology, this volume also focuses on the effects of early childhood maltreatment.

    By increasing our understanding of basic mammalian emotional and motivational needs in contexts representative of our ancestral conditions, we may be in a better position to facilitate changes in social structures and systems that better support optimal human development. This book will be a unique resource for researchers and students in psychology, anthropology, and psychiatry , as well as professionals in public health, social work, clinical psychology, and early care and education.

    Among the very important messages conveyed by the editors and authors is that, "We do not idolize ancestral forms of care, nor naively sing their collective praises without realizing that the usefulness of evolved behaviors can change through time.

    Nor do we dismiss the possibility that traits that may have been adaptive at earlier points in our prehistory are not necessarily compatible with present circumstances Clearly, there are "shifting baselines for childrearing" yet evolutionary continuity is a reality. We shouldn't romanticize what we often call the "good old days" or damn some current practices that seem counterproductive to raising healthy humans.

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