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  1. Digital Marketing for Financial Services Midwest - DMFS Midwest Chicago
  2. A key to marketing financial services: the right mix of products, services, channels and customers
  3. Ashley Fletcher
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Want to know more about how advanced inbound marketing and lead generation techniques can be applied to Financial Services? Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Digital Marketing for Financial Services Midwest - DMFS Midwest Chicago

Financial Services Marketing. Their marketing needs, however, can be similar Social media and blogging to raise awareness Call to action CTAs to convert strangers into prospects Emails to nurture prospects or inform members Data capture forms for event bookings Satisfaction surveys and polls Analytics to monitor and measure success Firms and Advisers who embrace online and digital marketing techniques and tools are clearly seeing rewards. From Our Blog. Subscribe to Monthly Updates.

A key to marketing financial services: the right mix of products, services, channels and customers

Meaning, always err on the side of being helpful and transparent. They basically say that firms cannot knowingly link to any sites that contain false or misleading content.

If you plan on guest posting on other sites as part of your financial services marketing strategy, make sure these platforms take the SEC rules seriously. FINRA rules some types of content might be considered advertisements and as such, will be subject to advertising guidelines. If a financial firm recommends a security or service on a social media site or blog, it might trigger NASD Rule Financial services sites must be optimized for the web. At a minimum, the site should include the following:. Content must be mobile responsive, too. Any blog posts or informational pages must automatically scale to the size of the screen.

You want customers to feel comfortable engaging with your brand.

LinkedIn Marketing for Financial Advisors - Lead Generation and Prospecting Strategies

So, things like being able to complete sign-ups online, self-service transactions, and plain-language information about financial products go a long way. Beyond that, understanding your audience means speaking to their fears.

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Millennials might be associated with avocado toast and a preference for experience over physical possessions, but they worry about retirement and even being able to buy a home. Financial services that can tap into those concerns and help them find a path toward financial stability stand to be in good shape. Again, like most successful brands financial services benefit from being helpful.

The Simple Dollar uses its blog to address common customer pain points. Image courtesy of The Simple Dollar.

Ashley Fletcher

This might be a quick text or email you send while standing in line. Our inboxes are loaded with offers and to-dos, and social media is stuffed to the gills with news, photos, and videos.

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As mentioned, the financial sector faces an uphill battle when it comes to building trust with their consumer base. They also have a rich opportunity to connect with an audience in a way that retailers and food brands do not. Finance is a topic that can be dense, dry, and inaccessible to the average person. Focus on writing plain language blog posts and guides that explain concepts like investing, comparing credit cards, or saving for a home.

Table of contents

Many financial services seem more like an abstract idea than a tangible product. Another area worth focusing in on is social proof. With a history of more than 20 years of leadership in the field, the Journal of Financial Services Marketing covers every aspect of the contemporary industry, from a study of the impact of size, color, and design of banner advertisements in generating clicks to detailed discussion of customer relationship management.

In the expanding world of banking services, the journal covers the latest trends in marketing pension plans, insurance, saving schemes, investment finance, personal finance, mortgages and credit and debit cards. Discussion extends to such topics as loyalty plans, brand management, cross-selling products and services, customer profiling, targeting, product positioning, consumer finance, pooled investment funds and more.

Advanced topics addressed in the journal include the potential for Twitter to add value in retail bank relationships, consumer decision-making models and development of new models for financial services, innovators and early adopters of mobile banking, and how these customers differ from other online users, the information search processes of socially responsible investors, and challenges and opportunities in Islamic finance.