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Clay Breshears.

Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL: Revised OpenCL - PDF Drive

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MC Brown. The full list includes various categories of options, such as preprocessor, compiler, optimization, linker, and debugger. Some of them are standard specified by Khronos ; others are vendor-specific. In order to build the program with OpenCL 2. Applications written on OpenCL 1. For details, see the OpenCL specification.

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  8. In this method, two separate steps are performed to generate the device executable. This method is particularly useful— and is the only way—to link a previously-compiled program. By using this method, users can link their program objects with external program objects to build the final program object. Both the APIs support similar options depends on whether one is compiling or linking as the options in clBuildProgram, to control the compiler and linker.

    The user must compile each program object separately. This step may be a little tedious if a source program depends on other header files. In that case, separate program objects corresponding each header file must be created first. Then, during compilation, those header programs must be passed as embedded headers along with the intended program object.

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    This kernel includes two headers, foo. So first create the program objects corresponding to each header as follows:. In this phase, multiple pre-compiled program objects are linked together to create a new program object that contains the final executable. These two can be linked together as follows:. When parsing include directives, the OpenCL compiler resolves relative paths using the current working directory of the application.

    In particular, the definition is truncated by embedded newline characters.