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There's no need for change yet, especially women are getting much more "privileged", though they really are, although men really need to change their aggressiveness towards one another. If women in Japan have it so bad, then why is my wife going to live at least 8 years longer than me and enjoy my pension after I pass? No man I know, except a bum, has that option. It's not surprising that the women were more approving of the speech than the men.

When men begin to realize the extent of sexual discrimination, it upsets them and their first reaction is denial. It's hard to hear that you are complicit in making a situation worse for someone else. But the good news is, plenty of men are good and don't just turn off their ears. Instead they work to better themselves and lift women up. For every post here that denigrates women or attempts to deny or downplay the problem there are two men who are supportive.

To those men, I say thank you. You are appreciated. They simply have to hold your position for your return. The government pays for the leave. But this is a Japan centered news site. This means that most of the things here are about Japan so the good and bad comments will be about Japan. Ueno is correct. There is far too much leniency toward male on female sexual crime and huge barriers faced by ambitious women.

Those scores that place Japan outside the top hundred in gender equality actually rate Japanese women highly for health and education. It is politics and economics where Japanese women are denied the chance to shine. I must also say that Japan fetishizes helicopter parenting by the mother, almost in the manner of a cult.

In the worst cases, working mothers are seen as selfish for putting a career ahead of their children. This worldview is great for unambitious women, who don't want to work anyway, but a real obstacle to women's advancement in society. Change "women" with "black" and see what your sentence looks like. You totally demonstrate her point. Huge majorities of males MPs wrote all existing laws. Divorce rules is women don't get one yen more than the men. Richer ex-wives pay as much as richer ex-husbands.

When both have equivalent means, there is nothing to pay at separation. The more inequalities in couples in a country, the more and larger settlements. So roughly only half of the separated dudes are still required to pay alimony for their sprogs and often fail to do so. So yes, in companies, we can see really more men men begging that big projects are not overlapping school holidays or asking that the meeting is scheduled earlier because they pick up the baby at 5 for medical appointment at Not long ago, there were so many old arrogant male bosses that were saying "Mrs X, you have ever seen me -your male boss and role model- leaving so early?

You are lucky that our company makes the effort to promote women, do not bother us with your private life, otherwise change of job But now, it's Mr X with his boring sick baby issues Now they say there is a need to arrange a schedule for everybody. What "other nations" in OECD?

Feminist speaks out against trans movement

I'm puzzled. Japan has one token minister, each corporation has one token woman that got promotion while all the male coworkers get up in the ladder automatically And yes, that token fighter pilot in their non-fighting army, she is balancing the millions of uni graduated women that get only office flower jobs for fear they leave to marry, then 'housewife' baito deals and are told they have chosen that.

And a man , he can with average effort? Very few. Men know how to say "no. To them , everything is against Women. And as such, should deserve no place in mainstream Politics, likewise anyone else who is biased one way or the other. I think, they these Feminist organisations should start to look inward and look how what they are doing, and how their stance is harming the prospects of normal women. Equalism I totally support, as this has no bias, but simply states we should all be treated as Equal.

Opening Out: Feminism for Today - Routledge

Strident feminists like Ueno marinate in Marxist ideology and the idea that she is leading a great cause. Life is difficult for everyone but has never been better than it is today for women. Everyone struggles and in general women no more so than men. The hardships are only of a different nature. Ueno said one reason for the discrepancy is the gender discrimination that is inherent in the education investment decisions made by Japanese parents. If daughters feel that their parents discriminated against them they will make different decisions in their marriages and for their children.

Women have choices but clearly Ueno wants a government role in making them. This is one of the reasons , why Japan never improved. But more importantly, women should admire each others success and not let the jealousy snake keep all woman apart. Did she mention the gender equality paradox in Finland? The more equal the society; the more people gravitate towards traditional jobs.

Feminism is a reaction to gender inequalities.

Abolish inequalities and feminism will disappear. This concept is based on government control over the choices available to individuals based on their demographic groupings. Included is the idea that the favored group has government benefits unavailable to the out group.

Feminist Theories of Power

For example- preference for entrance into schools or professions that are not statistically balanced. I do not think you are Ranma, so on which basis do you calculate? Without being in the shoes of other people, it is difficult to say they doesn't struggle much more than you. And according with my small experience of Japan, I would say, there is notable gap in struggle not only in regard of gender. That is what intersectionnal feminism is about. Taking in account multi factor of discrimination to fight against it. So well, if you want things better for everyone, you know which kind of group to join.

Women sacrifice their careers and independance to become housewives, raise their partners children while theyre at work as they cant raise look after them by themselves. It takes income and caring to bring up children which is why most democratic countries allow women to take some of that financial gain by the husband if they get divorced.

And supremacist feminism. That wants to impose laws that are above men within the social and institutional hierarchy. In short, that women are above men in rights, but not in obligations.

Feminism and the Mastery of Nature

Unfortunately in Spain the supremacist feminism has managed to create un constitutional laws of positive discrimination in favour of women. It's more. With the current law a woman can falsely denounce a man.

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There is no need for proof. A woman's word alone is enough legal proof to arrest a man for gender-based violence. This procedure is frequently used in unfriendly divorce proceedings. With a false report, the woman automatically acquires custody of the children. Exclusive use of the family home. And above all, to grant a state subsidy to women ranging from to Euros depending on the case. Not counting the pension that the future ex-husband will have to pay to help feed his child.

Nurturance: a Politics Without Power?

The worst thing is the children. Where the judges impose a restraining order on the father towards his children. And he will be forced to go to a supervised family meeting point. In the best of cases because it is normal for the mother to violate the visitation order. All this continued prevarication into a law that should theoretically protect abused women. But that actually. It is only a law that finances a lobby of associations of left and neo-communist character.

As the current vice-president of the Spanish government Carmen Calvo said: Women have to be believed yes or yes. She said that in the parliamentary commission on gender violence. All this is happening right now in Spain. I don't want these unequal laws to be implemented in Japan.